Here is something to ponder: 2.2L/100 km and 12 km of a 29 km electric range left after a 63 km drive on one of the best driving roads in the country? In themselves, those numbers are amazing economy for any car. However, the car that is producing them is isn’t any car. It is […]

A new Civic is a big deal, especially here in Canada where it’s been the best-selling car for 23 years. The minute a new one is released you see them everywhere. It’s like the buyers literally line up outside the Honda store waiting to purchase their shiny new cars like it’s the latest Jordan shoe […]

The cars that remind me of some of my earliest experiences behind the wheel are often among those I enjoy the most. I learned to drive on a base-model Dodge Colt. (No, I won’t share the model year, but a quick search online will make it easy to hazard a guess.) My dad’s prized Jeep […]