A lot has changed since Roger Morin purchased his first Toyota Tacoma in 2006. Once a jet-setting model and host of an HGTV home renovation show, “Reno, Set, Go!,” Morin has since traded in the lights and cameras of a TV production for the simpler life as a Mississauga-based construction contractor. Yet, Morin is still […]

The first time my family set out in an RV in 2018, our nerves rattled more than the dishes in the cupboard as we drove. By the end of the trip, we were hooked. During the pandemic, Canadians fell in love too. “We’ve seen a significant increase in RV travel over the past year, and […]

Heading out on an afternoon drive has been an escape for many over the last year. The ability to jump into your vehicle and hit the road – even on a short trip – to experience nature and get out of the house has allowed for some form of escape during the pandemic. This is […]

It wasn’t that long ago — really just a few years — where there were only two basic options when buying an electric car. Option A was to buy an overpriced economy car. Your second option was to take out a second mortgage, become a stock trading genius or take up a side hustle as […]