The pinnacle of performance at Lexus has been the F badge for a few generations now, and while the V8-powered performance cars that have worn that badge have been gone for a while, a new report says that they’re coming back. Japanese auto mag Best Car says that the IS, LS, and LC could all […]

For the 2021 model year, Nissan has completely revamped its smallest car. New styling and a new interior bring the Versa in line with the rest of its offerings, a serious upgrade from what looked like a battered Beirut taxi not long ago. These days, it can be difficult to tell the Versa apart from […]

Nissan has announced that its new Nissan Kicks is now on sale in Canada and starts, with the Kicks S model, at $19,898 CAD. This New 2021 Nissan Kicks comes with new styling and design elements such as a Double V-motion front grille, bumper, LED headlights and LED fog lights. Customers will now get two […]

No one can predict the future or say with total certainty which cars will end up being widely desirable in the future. 20 years ago, who could have predicted the explosion in price of mid-90s Japanese sport compacts? What soothsayer of the late 1970s had the foresight to predict the skyrocketing prices of ‘60s American […]