Do you have anyone? How many candidates do you have?

The question is simple, but will need clarification:

For which position? Technician? Sales representative? Service manager?

For what region? What are you offering?

Our philosophy:

The amount of job seekers does not guarantee success

For a job site such as, the success is gauged on the quality of job offers, their visibility and the ability to attract and renew the job seeker’s database.

There are just over 500 000 people employed in the automotive industry in Canada, and currently, the vast majority of good candidates are employed. Job seekers are waiting for an attractive offer to move. How many of those are willing to change jobs?

The success of a job post: it’s a shared responsibility!

We are the messengers of your job offer. Our responsibility is to get your offer the most visibility. To do this, we use many different strategies : social media, paid ads on search engines, communications with our subscribed users, advertising in specialty schools, ect. An employer can put the odds in their favor by including the following: The important tasks to be accomplished, working conditions and salary offered. This will help recruit a good candidate the first time the offer is published.

So, here’s the important question: How many candidates do you have on

On average, if you follow our advice, you should receive between 6 to 10 quality candidates for your offer, and potentially even more. Many offers have received 20 plus candidates, filtered and categorized to your standards. So once again, the position, your area, working schedule, social benefits, salary, reputation of your company, ect., all play a factor in the quantity of candidates.

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