In case you haven’t been keeping up, Mazda brought four-wheel locomotion to its popular compact car in 2019. The following year, turbo power was introduced to the nameplate. These two much-appreciated add-ons gave an already stellar compact car even more endearing quality. But I’m not here to talk about the car. I’m sure this website […]

Despite its origins in this country as the purveyor of simple and affordable little Bugs and Buses, the VW brand hasn’t been featured very often in the Base Camp series. This is largely in part to their recent predilection for peddling Cherman Engineering and pricing their wares accordingly. Volkswagen plays in the compact crossover market, […]

Besides being Snoop Dogg’s one-time golfing buddy, the late Lee Iacocca was also known as the father of the Mustang, Ford’s popular sports coupe that arrived just as the first Baby Boomers were graduating from driving school. Henry Ford II was looking for a winner after the Edsel debacle and dispatched Iacocca to Europe in […]

Toyota Canada and Lyft Canada have announced a unique partnership that will see users of Lyft in Metro Vancouver get access to Toyota Mirai sedan, on of the first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicles, through Toyota’s KINTO Share program. This unique partnership will form part of the province of British Columbia’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and […]